SMART FACADE is the FIRST “adaptive façade” which is integrated with HVAC system.


Today, a lot of work is being done to integrate the HVAC system with the adaptive façade. But, these studies are still in the concept phase.


According to many studies, buildings account for about 40% of world energy consumption.. Moreover, In Europe, 84% of heating and cooling is still generated from fossil fuels, while only 16% is generated from renewable energy.


Facades are the most important building element considering energy consumption, environmental effects and user’s comfort. Therefore, different design strategies are being developed according to different climatic zones for sustainable, energy-efficient, high performance buildings.


The most promising strategy for the building envelope of tomorrow is based on dynamic, active and integrated solutions.


Although, it has different names (Active, Responsive, Innovative, Climate etc.), ADAPTIVE FACADE can be defined as facades that can adapt to change outside air conditions and inside comfort requests by saving building energy consumption and developing a comfort level in an eco-friendly way. The most important features of the ADAPTIVE facades are their energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design.


As an adaptive façade, SMART FACADE is the first example integrated with the HVAC system.